NFLATION is a common enemy we all share, if you compare it in boxing,
its hilarious Isn’t, But when it comes on fighting Inflation
you can get some Idea out of it, So what is Inflation? It is the one we see in scary movies?
no its not, we can’t see it nor feel it but its happening, Inflation is a annual increase
of goods, services etc, In the Philippines our Annual Inflation rate is about 6-7 percent,main cartoon 04.01.2011
so if you buy some Ice cream today for Php 20, it would not be the same price in a coming years,
That’s how Inflation works it makes the poor becomes poorer by decreasing the purchasing ability
of your hard earn money to zero, but if you know the strategy you could difinately defeat inflation,
Now lets go on boxing, I personally enjoy this sports, When you train to be a boxer you should have
descipline, along with determination and courage, You should keep strong and focus to defeat your enemy
and when you are in the fight your all alone your succes is truly depend on you, you threw a lot of punches
and your enemy is not just standing there HE IS FIGHTING,inflation is fighting it keeps on increasing, for you to succeed is to keep strong, stay focus
and determine enough to defeat your enemy, determine enough even if you lost a few rounds, if you stick on this to keep strong, stay focus and be determine enough, and you applied strategy through it you can difinately won the fight, fighting Inflation has its own strategies, but the same principles to keep strong, stay focus and be determine enough punch_out_von_kaiser_03
there are many ways to fight, there are many strategies to learn, but what im telling you now is the basic in terms of fighting Inflation, if you want to be financially free set your goal to it, and take all hurdles down to get there, one of this is Inflation, one of the best strategy is to make your money work for you, They called it passive income this means your money is simply making money for you thru interest, profits, etc. now you are not the only one working for money, it is also your money working for you, two always better than one, your money doesn’t get sick, or tired, it keeps on compounding
you probably asking, where im going to start? first save even a small amount of money each month, overtime it can be substantial now remember this time is Gold,the earlier you start the bigger chances of winning, the bigger you invest the better, if your going to save, just apply those three principles I’ve mentioned above, keep strong, stay Focus, and be determine enough

remember you are in the fight, Keep strong even if you desperately in need of money, try not to touch your saving find ways to find it try to have an emergency fund, be determine enough to save each month when you receive your salary, follow this simple equation, Income-Saving= Expenses, in other words get your savings first before you pay your bills, etc, and lastly stay focus on you goal to be financially free, you can invest your savings in a high earning investment instruments, such as stocks, bonds, uitf, mutual funds etc. the following are earning more than inflation perhaps your are thinking its just for rich people will i say is not its for everyone, Mr. Bo Sanchez Authored the book, My maid investing in Stock Market, and why you should too? his maids only earn php 7000 per month thier php 2000 invested in stock market per month, In stock market you can earn as much as 38% annually, and if you have a good strategies it can be doubled as much as 100%, that is much higher than inflation, why his maids are successful?, as Isaac Newton said If i want to  see even further I will seat in the shoulder of giants, Mr. BoSanchez is a Millionaire, he is a investor, he is a experienced investor in stock Market, and his Mentor Edward Lee he is known as a giant in stock market a Warren Buffet of the Philippines, Started investing when he was 18, he is a Self made billionaire, Bo Sanchez Maids simply seat on there shoulder, by taking there recommendations thru stock update, If you could seat in the shoulder of this giants you can be prosperous as they are just follow there steps, follow there recommendations in investing on stock market, all you have to do is to learn more, and why im saying this to you? for you to grow, for you to win Stocks offer higher returns than any other investment Intruments, if you apply more strategies to it you can simply Knock out the so called Inflation, Investing in a high above inflation it just like your generating a wealth, your heading on your goal, bank deposit’s, time deposit’s is usually below inflation you are just heading in a long rough road with no direction at all, it means you are not fighting, as I said in the ring your all alone its totally depend in you on how to take down your enemy, suddenly most Filipinos put there saving in a long rough road, perhaps they are more on conservative investors, trying to be safe, but how can you win the fight? if you did not take a punch, Investing in Stocks, bonds, UITF and mutual funds etc, require’s more training, skills, strategy, and methods, there are many coach
out there, all you have to do is to explore read some books, used the thing called computer on your table take its advantages, learning is much better than facebooking, take a step now, before its to late, TIME IS GOLD.


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