China Shown interest in a new Philippine territory


Before Japan and South  Korea expressed there interest in to legally explore the  Benham Plateau, There’s a  Leaked Information from the China Daily regarding the country secret under sea Exploration in the Area.

Benham Rise, is a 13-million-hectare undersea region rich in minerals and huge natural gas deposits, located in the Philippine Sea, East of Luzon,is not subject to any maritime boundary disputes and claims unlike the Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea, which is also claimed by China and other Southeast Asian countries.

The report say China discover massive mineral deposit in Benham Rise, and the massive Volume of natural gas deposit is in par from Spratly Island, the report Further said that China may not able to extract the gas under sea because it is belong to the other Country ,

China must befriend to the host Country to gain control of the area, a translated news version of the report said,

On April 2012, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) has approved the Philippines’ territorial claim to Benham Rise, which the Philippine government claimed as an extension of the Philippines’ continental shelf.

An American geologist surnamed Benham discovered the area that was between 40 and 2,000 meters below the waterline in 1933. Benham Rise has been part of the culture of ancient Filipinos. Ancient Catanduanes people have fished and roamed the area long before the colonial era.

For the past years, studies conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR), indicated that Benham Rise has large deposits of methane in solid form.

Methane clathrate also called methane hydrate or methane ice is a solid clathrate compound in which a huge amount of methane is trapped inside a crystal like structure of water, forming a solid similar to ice. Significant deposits of methane clathrate have been found beneath Antarctic ice and in sedimentary deposits along continental margins worldwide.


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