The first way to start investing is to save money, Every time you receive your salary for example if you are a working guy, you should pay yourself consider to set aside an extra amount and put it on the bank or invest it, you should start your monthly saving plan so you can have an income work for you, over time a small amount of saving can become substantial, think to invest as the book say’s Investing is the most effective way to build your financial wealth and secure your Financial Future, Investing define as a ability to make your saving grow or to appreciate and to achieve your long term financial goal,
The best way is to invest in Stock Market? so what is Stock Market? The Stock Market is just like a Store, The Stock Market is the place where stock are bought and sold, the Philippines Stock Exchange for example is where the people can invest in Publicly listed Companies in Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE).
There are two ways to make your money grow in the Stock Market:
1. Capital Appreciation or through a increase of stock price,
Capital appreciation is the increase of your stock it’ s the difference between the amount you paid when buying shares and the current market price of the stock.
2. Through dividends that paid by the Company,
The Dividends are paid out to the Shareholders, representing the earnings of the Company that is going to be reinvested, there are two types of Dividends The Cash and Stock Dividends,

When Investing in Stock market the time is the most precious asset, the longer you invest your money is the bigger the profit you earn, Compounding is, the fact that’s why the time is the most important in investing at The Stock Market, If you keep your money in a good Quality of Stock and then reinvest your dividends your money will grow exponentially, To determine how much you can afford to invest, the most important is to know how much your net worth is, It is the difference between the money or an asset that you own and your current liabilities.
If you are thinking to start to invest in Stock Market you should consider the risk that you may encounter along the way, the best way is to practice investing in a website that offer virtual stock trading games, which also offer an advice on how to start investing, Getting started In the start market is very simple for example in the Philippines First step, Choose your stock broker or Trading Participants, Second is open a Brokerage account, Third Place your buy and sell either online or by Phone, And Fourth is Keep and Monitor your investment, There are many thing to be done and it require more time to study, you most understand the basic on investing in Stock Market by reading more articles that related to it by that you will Learn and gain more Knowledge in Investing on Stock Market.

Be Financially free try to alocate your saving in high earning investment vehicle instruments, such as Stock Market, Stock Market lets you earn a better income, than Bank’s time deposit, Mutual funds or in any other investment vehicle, overtime it would be substantial as Warren Buffet say, ‘Someone setting in shades today, because someone Planting a tree along time ago, it never to late, start a Comprehensive Stock Market Trading Course For Beginners now, ClickHere!

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