De Lima leaves DOJ with unliquidated P91.896M confidential funds


Former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima may have won herself a seat at the Senate but has left hers at the Department of Justice (DOJ) with still unliquidated P123.8 million in confidential funds (CF).

In its annual report for 2015 posted on its website, the Commission on Audit (COA) indicated that the amount represent the total unliquidated cash advances given to special disbursing officers (SDOs) that year.

Verification and analysis conducted by the audit body found that from January 1 to December 31, 2015 “cash advances under the CF were granted to SDOs in the total amount of P173,755,064.92.”

“Of this amount, only P49,943,081.57 was liquidated,” reported the COA.

Also, the COA discovered that “SDOs were granted subsequent cash advances despite non-submission of liquidation reports of previous cash advances, in violation of Section 6.1.5 of said circular (COA-Department of Budget and Management Joint Circular No. 2015-01).”


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