If ex-communicated by the Catholic church then I just might join the Seventh Day Adventists – Duterte

Photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler

Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte talked about his relationship with the Catholic church before and after the campaign period of the may 2016 elections, he revealed that he might convert to Seventh Day Adventists

“During the election, I received word that I was being junked. People were told not to vote for me, because I’m evil. And I said, OK. I accept that. Let this election be the referendum between me, Rodrigo Duterte, and the Catholic Church. Kayong mga Katoliko, don’t vote for me because magkakasala kayo. You have to follow your bishops.” he said when asked about the criticism from Catholic church during the campaign.

“Let this be a referendum. I have a majority of six million. I have 15 plus something million votes total. So, quo vadis, Church? Ano ngayon? I won. By a landslide. Where now is your injunction on the people?” he added.

“I believe in God. I have a deep and abiding faith that there is something out there that is a universal mind, and I cannot understand it. I believe in the Holy Spirit. The one who enters your mind and body is God, through the Holy Spirit.” Duterte added.

“Pero yung religion? Ang Katoliko, puro pageantry (Catholicism is all about pageantry). The Church does not have moral authority… (He mimics reading a book) “And Solomon went to the temple…” Anong pakialam natin? Put—ng-inang Solomon na ‘yan! “And on the way to Bethlehem, there was a great…” So? So?”

When asked about the church ex-communicating him he answered “Kadaghan relihiyon! Di mag-Sabadista na lang ko. (Plenty of religions exist. I just might join the Seventh Day Adventists.)”.

Helping the Catholic church
Kung may sunog, ipada nako ang bombero, alangan. (If there’s a fire, then of course I will send the firefighters to them.)

Contribution, contribution. You know? The Catholic religion has its own pageantry, its nice clothes, its songs. Mao ra. (That is all.) We are really Catholics because of force of habit, because we were told to be Catholics since we were children.

I would rather go to a place in the forest, sit down there, and think about God and ask Him, “What the hell is happening in the world?”


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