Kim’s Got A Double, Kardashian Fans Can’t Handle It

December 22, 2015

The similarity is scary, isn’t it? [Photo: Instagram/Kamilla Osman]

The world can barely handle one Kim Kardashian, so news of a second one has unsurprisingly sent the Internet into meltdown mode. The reality star doesn’t actually have a twin, but she does have a doppelganger in the form of fashion blogger Kamilla Osman.

Many have tried to recreate the Kardashian’s iconic figure and flawless make-up, but Osman has nailed both the star’s style and look. In fact, the combo of Osman’s dark dark, killer curves and (virtually) identical facial features have even got Kim K fans wondering if the two are actually related.

They’re not. They just look scarily similar.

Osman’s nailed Kardashian’s style. [Photo: Instagram/Kamilla Osman]

Even her off-duty look is the same. [Photo: Instagram/Kamilla Osman]

And she seems to love playing on her phone as much as the KUWTK star. [Photo: Instagram/Kamilla Osman]

Like Kim, Osman’s a big fan of white vest tops, over-sized coats draped around her shoulders and bum-hugging pencil skirts. She also rocks the same strong brows as the KUWTK star and her contouring is similarly on point.

Judging by Instagram, Osman’s got her career sorted. The brunette, from Toronto, has only been on the social media site for a couple of months and has already garnered over 70,000 Kardashian-obsessed followers.


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